Why Green Leaf Hotels

Here are the reasons to choose GreenLeaf Hotels

Leading Brand : Green Leaf is a leading cloud platform for online rates and Inventory distribution. A single system for managing who gives you transparency for the health of every OTA’s. You can see which channels are providing more revenue for your property.

24*7 Support :We provide you a dedicated relationship manager for 24*7. You do not need to worry about Holidays. We are always active to serve our clients.

Payment Gateway Support : Choose your payment gateway company, we help you to approve your payment gateway and integrate with our Booking engine. You do no need to wait for settlement because payment comes directly to your bank account.

Sell your last room inventory to all channels : Green Leaf helps you to manage last room for every sources whether it is your own website, your offline travel agents or all your online sources.

Remove the tradition of manual entries : Now you manage all (Offline, Online) bookings from our system. It removes the tradition of managing manual entries on register.

Online as well as offline : Manage your traditional travel agent on the latest way of technology. Give access for inventory to your offline travel agent to reduce the chance of over-bookings.

Offline Unique features : Opportunity for presence in Delhi as a Sales Office, Sales Meetings on behalf of your Hotel, Print Media & Digital Marketing Support, Exhibiting in almost every Travel Trade Exhibitions. Dedicated web web on GLF Site.

Help you to gain your visibility :We help how to gain your visibility and how to generate maximum revenue for online travel portals.

Save Time and Money: You can save your time for your offline promotion because Green Leaf channel Manager reduces your headache for online distribution for rates and inventories.

Minimum Guarantee : You can save your 50% of the total Annual cost, as we are assuring you to give minimum 50% turnover of Total invested Cost. If we fail to deliver as per our commitment, you will get the balance amount as per refund policy.

Example :
A - Invested amount Per Month : 25000/- PM
B - Total Month Invested : 12
C - Annual Invested Amount : A* B = 300000/-
D - Minimum Assurance 50% of C : 150000/-

Assuring you the minimum 50% turnover will be given by us, if we fail in our commitment and achieve only 40% of your invested turnover .You will get the refund ( 50% Minimum assurance - 40% achieved = 10% Balance) as per the difference of Commitment – Achievement.

Note : Figures are mentioned above as example are not actuals. Please don't consider this as actuals figures. Just used to explain you how it works.