Online Services

1. Channel Manager

Green Leaf Hotel helps you to manage rates and inventories on all the channels you are connected with. It helps you to manage your last room to all online travel agents, offline travel agents and your website as well. Also it helps you to control your hotel rates to trip connect.

Green Leaf Hotel based in India provides Channel Manager software for hotels INDIAN Hotels, as well as a suite of marketing solutions. Hotel Channel Manager technology and our marketing solutions are custom designed to drive you more direct bookings online, supporting a positive yield management policy and ensuring you meet targets for business growth. A software able to address current market needs, which records an boost in hotel reservations made over the Internet, a tool which has become the main sales channel for many users. A large part of your sales is most likely made via the Internet.

Key Features of Channel Managers

Keep OTA’s updated with real time availability.

Eliminates Traditional style Manual working.

Helps you to visible more and more.

Manage offline Travel Agents on professional Manner

Manage your reports of booking analytics.

Avoid over bookings.

Controls Distribution rates.

Website rates Manage with Promotional discount and coupon codes.

Distributes rates and inventories on major domestic and international sites.

Rate Dynamics features.

Stop selling features on selected OTAs

2. Hotel CRS

Green Leaf provides you a system from which hotelier can manage their hotel data and availability of rooms to guests. AsiaTech CRS assists hotel managers in managing their online marketing and sales, allowing them to upload their rates and availabilities to be seen by sales channels that are using the CRS(Hotel Central Reservation System).

Key Features of Channel Managers

• Instant Create Reservation

• Quick Create Reservation

• Create Reservation

• Allow users to book rooms by doing partial payment.

• Users can book multiple rooms/hotels in single order.

• Hotelier can manage multiple refund rules

• Customer can search rooms location wise.

• Customer will get instant email notification for every event.

• Hoteliers can offer discounts to users.

• Beautifully manages the stats for availability of rooms.

• User can subscribe for the newsletter.

• Define Room type, Meal Plan, Adults, Children, check in,check out, Guest Details

• Define No. of Rooms, Room type, Meal Plan, Adults, Children, check in, check out, Guest Details.

• Manage your offline booking also.

• Integrated payment methods.

• Hotelier can upload multiple rooms/hotels on the website.

• Customer can cancel their reservation anytime.

• Hotelier can manage room reallocation easily.

• Software supports multi-language and currencies.

• Users can provide testimonials to the website.

3. Direct Booking Engine
That is designed to optimise conversions and increase direct bookings. Booking Engine is the software application being used to secure online reservations India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia Hotels. A powerful and customised hotel booking system that offers the ability to fully customise it according to your requirements.

The Need and Importance of Booking Engine For Hotel and Travel Agent

GreenLeaf online travel booking engine is accomplished of increasing the speed of all your processes thus growing your ultimate profits and revenues. There are a lot of choices for a person starting this business online. Online travel booking engines are the right answer to enhance your growth and expand your business. An online hotel booking engine allows the hotels to make more profits. The hotel booking engine has made the process easy and smooth and things have become easier than before.

4. Property Management System

helps you to manage your daily bookings. Now manage your check in, check outs, generate online invoices and get reports on daily, monthly & quarterly basis.

Key Features of PMS

• Directly connected with Channel Manager

• Payment Gateway Integration

• Manage Accountings.

• Directly connected with hotel booking engine

• Manage POS